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  In a small village, at the edge of the forest, lived a herdsman with his wife, Sujata. Sujata was very delighted at having given birth to her very first child. She prepared a delicious meal from her husband’s cows and took the food as a thanks offering into the forest of offer to the sprits that she thought lived there, for her healthy child.
    On entering the forest, she came across Siddhartha; though his body was thin and weak but his face shone with radiance. Sujata gazed at him in surprise and thinking him to be the king the tree sprits; she placed the specially-made food in front of him. Siddhartha opened his eye and ate the food. While Sujata was looking at him in wonder, his body became more and more radiant as he drank. After finishing the meal, he thanked her and told her that he has no sprits; he was only a man in the search of truth. He told her that her offering had given him the strength to find the truth.
    This was seen by the five wise men who were very disappointed with Siddhartha and felt that he had given up his search. They no longer wanted to stay with him and went to Benaras, thinking that he no longer wanted to find the truth. But Siddhartha had gotten strength from the meal and was now able to meditate and was ready to find what he had been looking for all those years.


The Luminous Life of Buddha ( မဟာလူသား မြတ်ဗုဒ္ဓ ) Edited by SHYAM DUA TINYTOT Publication

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